Lessons Learned – the art of reflective practice to help you evolve with LOVE.

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Since writing my first book; Awarded By Angels in 2010, many of my readers said they really enjoyed the ‘lessons learned’ that I shared at the end of each chapter.

I used them to conclude the chapter’s teachings to help the reader integrate them into their life.

I learned early on in my developmental journey that by taking part in daily reflective practice helped me learn more about myself, take responsibility for everything that happens in life and evolve with self-love and self-acceptance.

Every evening, after stating my new gratitude at being alive and well, I use the art of reflective thinking to make the most of the day and ‘put the day to bed’.

I look at the challenges of the day and remove any emotions from any dramas that may have occurred. I look at the key players, their behaviour and whether I responded in LOVE or reacted in Fear.

Once I have flipped any negatives over into lessons learned’ any ‘stuff’ left over from the day can be cleared meaning a good sleep will follow and the next day is a fresh ‘holding no junk’ sort of day.

Let me give you some examples of lessons learned from Awarded By Angels to see if you resonate with any of them:

Lessons learned:

  • Listen to your guidance, your body will respond as it tries to get the ‘Danger’ message across. 
  • Ask for help; sharing the weight of a burden or problem with a trusted loved one lifts the weight; more shared solutions appear. 
  • Forgive yourself! A biggy! 
  • Keep a dream diary by your bed to record your dreams and any thoughts that are restricting sleep. 
  • If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it; if it does, go for it! 
  • Believe in miracles; they do happen, particularly when your life is in danger and it’s not your time. 
  • Forgive self even more. 
  • Keep blue straws in the cupboard. 
  • Learn to ask for help; it lets the other person experience the gift of giving and teaches you the Spiritual Law of Giving and receiving; bringing balance to your life, even in extreme circumstances. 
  • Allow children to express themselves without judgement; they are the voice of our future. 
  • Be open with children; if they ask a question, answer it in TRUTH. 
  • Be consistent with children, particularly when trauma or transition occurs. They feel safe knowing their boundaries. 
  • Allow guidance to come through by connecting to your breath each day. 
  • Call upon your deceased loved ones to help 
After years of following this practice, it has made the meaning of life much simpler;  we always have a choice; respond in LOVE AND LIVE IN LOVE via how we speak and treat ourselves and others, or react in fear and live a fear-fuelled life that keeps you stuck.

I know which I choose. We at Alison Ward Training, we choose the LOVE option, inspiring one soul at a time.

I hope this has inspired you in some way. I would love to hear from you and how you find reflective practice helps you, please comment below.

Until the next time


Alison Ward  All Rights Reserved @2019


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