Who are you?

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Are you a woman 40+ thinking “who the hell am I?”


Yes I know how you feel. I have been there, seen it in other women and I am here to say; “ I see you, I hear you, I understand and reading this may help you.”

When did you last look in the mirror and really think “WOW look at you?”

Do you even recognise the woman looking back?

The kids are getting older, off to uni and you have realised there is a giant gaping hole in your life.

Look at your partner and see he has aged too, has he also disappeared ? Does he feel the same way? Is he….unfulfilled just like you?

There you go, you said it. The elephant you have been carrying across your shoulders has crept out of your mouth and made you wake up to realise that you, my lovely are NOT FULFILLED.

The life you are currently living is ok, in parts, you love your kids and your partner but what is missing is that you are not fulfilling YOUR PURPOSE and you can no longer deny it!

It wasn’t always this way. When you were younger…slimmer, more beautiful you knew, just knew deep in your core that you were here to make a difference.

When the kids came along you thought “maybe this is it” you were the best mother you could be. You tried to remember all the school events and make sure the gym kit was in the PE bag ready for Monday’s class. They had five of their five a day every day, even Sundays.

You would often glance over in the playground at the smarter, slimmer more beautiful mums and think “they have got it all”. This would set you up on the slippery slope of self- loathing of which you would stay here a while until the feisty gal within, the  SOUL warrior (who knew she was here, on this earth to make a difference) rose up through the self- berating bullshit.


YOU are here to make a difference in your own beautiful, magnificent way. Read on, stay with me.


You can’t accept that this is all there is to life. You know you deserve more, yet have feelings of guilt, of not being there for the kids, hubby and home, you know you are loved but still this is not enough.

You feel like a caged bird.

You want to scream and sometimes do in outbursts impersonating, screaming banshee.


YOUR SOUL is crying out to be heard!

Life Fulfillment Training | Mentoring & Coaching Programme | Alison Ward

This is your SOUL CALLING.. calling out to you, urging you to wake up.

You are here to make a difference .

Your soul inhabits within your physical body. Your soul is here to experience creativity and experiences and most importantly to serve the world in your own, unique, wonderful way doing something that you love,, which in turn loves you back and helps you become a human BE-ING!

it is your job to leave this life to the best of your ability and more. Before I continue, let me ask you a question; “when was the last time you did something that you really enjoyed? When was the last time you felt your heart sing?  when did you last lose time because you were engrossed in an activity that made your soul joyful?”

this my lovely is your soul ‘at play’, and work.

Who am I?

Life Fulfillment Training | Mentoring & Coaching Programme | Alison Ward

Allow me tell you a little bit more about why I feel qualified to share this about your soul and your purpose.

In 1994 I was nearly killed by my ex- partner. He beat me up and stabbed me seven times in front of my two -year- old son.

I nearly died.

Quite literally, I left my body and moved towards a great bright light where family members who had passed were waiting for me.  I honestly thought this was my time of passing and I was ready for it. I felt absolute love. My pain was taken away.  I was free, surrounded by love on my way ‘home’.

Little did I know that that was not my time to die. An old fashioned Brummy voice said to me; “it’s not time to go yet duck”.

With that I was back in my body, back in the room with my attacker.

See my interview on ITV’S This Morning with Eammon Holmes and Ruth back in 2016 here.

I came back into the room into my body, where miracles occurred that saved me and my son.

If you want to read more about my true story purchase my first book awarded by Angels here.

When I came back to this life, my whole world had changed. I had to be re-born. I lost my home, job and my sanity, but gained a new friend. A friend that has been a constant companion for the last 26 years. This companion is called ‘wisdom’ and ‘knowing’. I came back from the dead with wisdom way beyond my years, and I absolutely ‘know’ certain things about living and dying.

I truly believe that life is for living on purpose. We all have a different purpose AND our purpose can change.

Ultimately, our purpose is to be of service.

This service can take place in many forms; a cleaner, baker.  Maybe you can look at a dilapidated, old house and have a vision of a beautiful home.

Our role as human beings, is to find our purpose by doing things that we are naturally and effortlessly good at.

This is a point where some people slip up. When were naturally good at something, we tend to overlook it as if it’s’ nothing’? “Anyone can do it right?” The point is this; when you do something that comes so naturally to you without having to think or plan, when you lose the space of time or become more animated, happier, when carrying out ‘this’, your heart bubbles over with joy and your eyes shine bright. This is your soul communicating to you that this is part of your purpose.

Once tasted, you want more.

The Attack showed me my purpose.

I overcame PTSD, using tools and techniques that were intuitively given to me.

I started to make a difference in the world by writing books and mentoring lost souls or people going through mental health issues.

Since 1994, I have written five books and helped thousands of people across the globe to create happier, peaceful and more fulfilled lives by passing on the tools I discovered.

I naturally created a way of living and believing that got me well and brought me back to my more authentic and fulfilled self. This a behavioural programme Is what I share in my book ‘Bringing You Back To YOU’.


I now offer training courses to people who wish to do what I do and become Life Fulfillment Trainers using the tools and the behavioural programme.


Life Fulfillment Training | Mentoring & Coaching Programme | Alison Ward


These people are like you, they know they have a purpose, they know that they are here to do great things and they simply love helping people.

Positive in nature, they know They know they have something inside them that once unleashed and unlocked will bring fulfilment and deep satisfaction to themselves and others.

You have read a snapshot of my story; it may have inspired you.

You now realise that this is your time your time to discover who you truly are and what your purpose is.

Your values are that of service, love, positivity, energy, self- driven, motivated, compassionate then maybe we need to talk you.

Maybe you are using external influences to fulfil you, material objects or youth making treatments to make you look younger and re capture your younger self.

Ask yourself a question; “does this really make you happy or is just temporarily filling a void?”


Let’s talk

We will both know if you and I are a fit to take on this life fulfillment journey.

Give me a call on: 07876 330238 +44 7876330238 overseas

Email me at hellothere@alisonwardtraining.com

You are more amazing than you know!

Yet. Together we can create something that you love.

Maybe just maybe, you were meant to read this today.

If these words resonate with you and you feel it is your time, comment below or get in touch


Want to work with me as YOUR PERSONAL MENTOR AND GUIDE?

If you’re not ready to become a life fulfilment trainer YET, but you would like to work with me on your own ONE TO ONE personal programme as your first stage of living on purpose, contact me today.

I see you; I feel you and I know you are more totally amazing than you have ever realised.

Your new life begins as soon as you realise there is more to life than this.

Until next time

Alison Ward. Founder of Alison Ward Training Ltd.

Founder of Pop Up Mental Wellness Hubs and smiler.





All rights reserved @ 21.01.2020.



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