How to live a happy, healed and fulfilled life using the tools from ‘Bringing You Back to YOU!’.

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Every day more people are suffering from a mental illness with 1 in 6 adults experiencing a common mental health problem, such as anxiety or depression and with 1 in 5 have considered taking their own life.

This is staggering! and extremely worrying for our future generations. 

The problem is resources and support, we think going to the doctors and prescribing some pills will solve the problem. This is true to a certain degree, however, the real work is required from within.

Easy said than done, right! When you’re in a state of depression and anxiety, all you want to do is bury yourself away and forget the world exists! hence why we are in a mental health crisis.

If you’re reading this then well done! give yourself a pat on the back, you’re seeking help which means you’re one step closer to creating a happy, healed and fulfilled life. 

Alison Ward, Founding Director of Alison Ward Training wrote her 2nd book ‘Bringing You Back to You!’ – what she calls “The How to be Happy Book” when she was suffering from PTSD after becoming a victim of a horrific knife attack by her ex-partner and father of her son. Alison recognised how they completely transformed her life and made it her mission to write the book and share them with the world to help eradicate victim consciousness soul by soul.

So, who wants to live a happy, healed and fulfilled life?? I’m sure I do!

BYBTY consists of seven chapters, each one representing our week, starting Monday. How you incorporate this within your life is up to you! You could read a chapter a day and practise the techniques, or you could read a chapter a week. Do whatever suits you.

Remember, this is about YOU, so it’s important to honour YOU: Who YOU are, how YOU learn and how YOU grow. This is a journey of self-discovery so expect a little turbulence along the way!

In order to fully embrace your journey to self-discovery, we are looking to create a new habit to be formed and this requires discipline and a whole-listic approach.

A whole-listic approach is where we look at YOU as a WHOLE – every person is different and with different needs. What works for one might now work for another!

Therapy is great as a place to start or to reach out but in terms of helping you to change your thoughts and behaviours when you’re crammed in a small room with no windows with someone preaching the theory of Maslow to you – somehow I’m not sure this works! Just like changing our eating habits is a lifestyle choice so is mental health. What we put into our minds also effects how we act and respond.

What YOU need is a set of tools that are easy to follow and that YOU can incorporate in your everyday life. Tools that eventually become our natural default and a go-to when we experience challenging situations. 

“BYBTY is an effective, life changing book which by way of a clear step by step guide, gives you the necessary tools to return to your true-self, therefore enabling you to live the life you truly desire and deserve. It comes from 20 years of Alison ‘living it’ – IT WORKS!!” – Mandy Feeney.

BYBTY is easy simple and easy to follow. There are no need for complicated words, phrases and techniques to return to YOU. Simply acknowledge who you are now, then dare to dream 🙂

Best selling book 'Bringing You Back to You' by Alison Ward

If you would like to start your journey to self-discovery, get in touch, visit or to purchase your copy of Bringing You Back To YOU, send £12.97 plus £2.50 Postage and Packing to www.PayPal.Me/AngelAlisonWard/ or buy it on kindle for £4.97

Until next time, taraa.

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