Get That Friday Feeling

In this little gem of a pocket-sized book, Angel Alison shares her gift of angelic channelling with you. She discovered this gift back in 2005, whilst leaning on a stone in Stonehenge on an Angel [...]

Awarded By Angels

Today is the day you re going to die. I’ve planned it all… Those were the terrifying words Angel Alison Ward heard on the 5th July 1994, that changed her life forever. Read her [...]

Mentor me

To support you during this Global transition invest in your very own online mentoring course. Alison speaks to the camera as if you are in the room. Asking key questions to get you working on [...]

Who are you?

Are you a woman 40+ thinking “who the hell am I?”   Yes I know how you feel. I have been there, seen it in other women and I am here to say; “ I see you, I hear you, I understand and reading [...]

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