5 easy to follow steps to create a happier life.

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We are all desiring happiness, right?  Do you feel you deserve happiness?

At Alison Ward Training, we believe in happiness and strive to live a happier, more fulfilled life. We also believe that learning to unite with yourself and others creates happiness. Our Life Fulfilment Trainers are sourced and trained, so they can help you create a happier, life. Happiness is important to us because we know what it’s like not to have happiness.

Personally, I know what it’s like to be deeply unhappy, unloved and in fear. I lived that life over twenty- five years ago and never want to go back to the cold, dark place.

I take every chance to create happy memories, storing them in my heart larder for when life gets tough, inevitability life does that. That’s life! Never take happiness for granted, when it’s not there you miss it deeply!

Let’s look at 5 easy to follow steps to create a happier life;

  1. Gratitude is an essential ingredient. True meaty gratitude expressed and felt upon awakening each new day and at the end of every evening. State five new things that you can be truly grateful for. Do this every day for three weeks and I promise you, you will shift that heavy energy aside and start to feel fresh, lovely enjoy seeping in. That’s the happiness juice seeping into your whole-self.
  2. Get to know you. Unite with you, mind, body and soul. You and your whole-self are made of four equal parts, physical – your body, mind – your mental aspect, emotionally – how you feel and process and spiritually; your connection to the universe, God… whatever term you resonate with. Reflect and journal regularly to gather your thoughts each day. Ask yourself what were the lessons learned? What could you have done differently? What were your successes? What did you learn about yourself? Get to know your energy, how it shifts and changes with reactions and responses? This is your unique body compass.
  3. Learn to connect with you by being silent just for five or ten minutes. Sit quietly, take in some breaths and breathe, exhaling out any tension. Observe your thoughts and keep breathing.
  4. It is a fact that joining a community, finding your tribe makes you happy. Volunteer for a local cause that means something to you, find your tribe by joining online and local groups with like-minded people. Learn a new hobby that keeps nudging you. But you keep putting it off.
  5. Set yourself a time each week where you gift yourself time, whether you decide to read a book, enjoy a soak in the bath, watch a movie. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do if it makes YOU happy, then that’s a win. By doing this regularly, it sets the blueprint that you deserve happiness. It makes you feel good, boosts your self-esteem and your self -worth increases AND other people in your life will see you in a different light and will mimic your kind happy behaviour.

I would love you to comment below on what you propose to do to make you happier?

Do you need some healing and guidance to help you set some accountability? click here to find out more….alternatively, reach out and get in touch. We would love to hear from YOU!

Alternatively, you may feel your purpose is to join us and become a Life Fulfilment Trainer and help tackle mental health issues and eradicate victim consciousness soul by soul.

Until next time, taraa.

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