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Alison Ward Training Limited is a value-based coaching and mentoring programme teaching the unique methods developed by Alison Ward.

The teachings are based on her best-selling book, Bringing You Back To YOU, all designed to help create and sustain good mental wellness.

Join us in learning these skills to pass on to others as a business or invest in you and your mental health, to bring you back to YOU.

You already have the power, but you knew that, right?

“I am ever so grateful to have met Alison, the exercises and reflection tasks that were set were insightful and priceless. We co-created a system which worked for me, so that for any challenges I face in life, I am able to think with a balanced view of logic and emotion. I am more organised in all areas of my life and definitely a “doer” and not a “thinker” anymore. Alison really is gifted and has a beautiful approach to life. Sometimes we all need that gentle nudge. I can assure you that you will be empowered to be the best version of yourself, and I know that I will never forget working with her.” – Raj 2019

How can you benefit from a session?

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Are you someone who has lost what purpose they had found, lost their passion for life or are you someone who is struggling to see a sustainable future because of crippling anxiety or corporate sickness? Are you a survivor of mistreatment, struggling to integrate your experiences? Alison Ward has an incredible program of action where you will learn life-transforming techniques – within the comfort of a safe, trust-filled, personal environment – that will help you experience and practice life-fulfilling peace. Our courses are CPD certified and our trainers carefully chosen and tested.

Are you ready for a career change?

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Are you someone who has come to the end of their career, someone who wants to change profession or someone who wants to add to and enhance their working role? Are you someone who is naturally caring and drawn to learning and teaching and someone who believes that change is absolutely always within our grasp? Are you someone who already provides a form of therapy but are daunted or struggling to build a business? If it’s a yes to any of these questions, A Life-Fulfilment Licence might be just right for you. Our courses are CPD certified.

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